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SmartCannabisTax™ is the first Cannabis Lease Addendum written by an attorney real estate litigator in compliance with the new November 2017 California proposed regulations setting facts and law to deconflict federal and state laws.

Richard Rydstrom, Esq., is a practicing California Attorney in good standing with over 26 years experience for plaintiffs and defendants  in California litigation, business owner protections, mediation, arbitration, settlements and transactions and is available on select cases to serve as a private settlement officer for disputes in the Cannabis industry.




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Richard Ivar Rydstrom, California Attorney at Law,
J.D. Law, Bachelor of Science in Public Accounting

Like a David vs. Goliath story, Rydstrom fights back for the little guy; but has the knowledge and experience to fashion win win settlements between the two ťor many sides...

Superb Attorney Rating by AVVO:  With more than 26 years of legal experience, Richard Rydstrom is rated Superb, 10 out of 10 by Avvo the worlds largest rating directory of lawyers. He has vast experience representing plaintiffs, defendants, business owners, consumers, homeowners and mortgage banking institutions. Richard is considered a national expert in civil litigation, business and the mortgage banking industry with emphasis in:

    • Civil, Business & Real Estate Litigation (Click for Home Seller Article)
    • Business & Contract Disputes and Litigation (Plaintiffs and Defendants)
    • Business, Real Estate & Contract Transactions and Drafting (Click for Building Tax Equity Wealth) (Click 1031 Exchanges, Dos & Donts)
    • Consumer Rights & Defective Products
    • Asset & Estate Protections  (Click for 13 Secrets of the Rich or Informed)
    • Entertainment Law & Litigation (Music, TV, Film, Contracts)
    • eCommerce, Technology, Internet, SocialMedia and Media Contracts & Litigation (Saas, Consulting, Startups, Employment, Licensing, Development, Maintenance, Support, Disclaimers, Indemnity, Independent Contractor; Owners Asset Protections)
    • Startups and Business Governance Protections (Click for 6 Dangers)
  • Mr. Rydstrom has been quoted or published by: United States Congress, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today Magazine, MortgageOrb, Mortgage Daily News, Orange County Register,, National Business Institute, CMISfocus eMagazine, Pepperdine University (Law, Business Journal), AIR Commercial Real Estate Association, Constructor Magazine for the AGC Association, Society of California Accountants, various Landlords and Real Estate Owners associations and others. Richard is a frequent keynote speaker, moderator, panelist, and CLE instructor for National Business Institute for lawyers, judges, banks, and servicers.

Some significant distinctions include: 

Published in a Statement to the 110th Congress, House Ways & Means Committee, Chairman Charles Rangel
Considered a national expert in mortgage banking and related foreclosures
Honorary member of the American Legal and Financial Network (AFN)
Chairman of CMIS (Coalition for Mortgage Industry Solutions)
Member of the HAMP Policy Working Groups (AFN, Treasury, etc.)
CLE speaker and educator for attorneys, judges, banks, servicers, accountants and financial advisors for the National Business Institute (NBI)
Frequent keynote speaker, panelists, and moderator at national conferences and webinars including the AFN, NBI, CMIS, CMBA
Voluntary Settlement Officer (VSO) for all Los Angeles courts

2017 Article Reports:

Dont Sell That Home Without Reading This First!

Only Work with the Best Real Estate Brokers
By Richard Rydstrom, Esq. Newport Beach, Ca

Youve hired the best real estate broker, so you thought, now your home is sold. You go on and soon forget about the old and bring in the new. But then, when you least expect it, you are served with a Demand for Mediation and Arbitration (or Lawsuit) for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why you ask. You are accused of concealing (known) defective conditions. But recall that Seller is required to disclose 'known' problems or defects with the property even though  Seller is not warrantying the improvements. After all, Buyer has an affirmative duty to inspect. So why am I being sued you ask? We loved that home. It wasnt defective.

Now what? You are forced to hire an attorney and defend.Click for Full Article
Sellers Duty to Disclose Defects to Buyer

California OC Business, Litigation, Real Estate Attorney

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